The one thing I won’t stop saying…


After thoughtful consideration, I thought I would reply to an article that has been circulating about Christians who use the term “I’m blessed” to describe their material prosperity…and why I will continue to say it.

The prosperity movement did Christians a huge disservice when it equated God’s blessing with material possessions. It excluded all the other intangible ways we experience the blessing of God. The pendulum had swung to the extreme and Christians were left to figure out if it was even possible to experience the blessing of God in the hard times.

The reality is that we are called to give thanks to God in every situation. When our bank account swells, we are blessed and we give thanks. When we are navigating incredible sorrow, we are blessed and we give thanks. We experience the tangible and intangible of God’s blessing in all seasons of our lives.

Mostly, it seems like when we have financial success we shout it out from the rooftops. But when we are experiencing great loss, we whisper it so quietly that no one hears us.  But we still give thanks to the One who blesses us.

While the author, Scott Dannemiller feels like he is “splitting hairs” over the semantics, but I think that words are very important. I take great care in saying “I’m blessed” and not “I’m lucky.” In saying it, I deliberately shift my heart towards the Giver of all things and keep my hands open to what He gives in every season.

This doesn’t necessarily answer the large questions of inequality or suffering in this big world. I will leave that to the apologists and the theologians. But it does answer the large questions in my small world.

Heart towards God and hands wide open. This is doxology. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow.