Welcome Back

welcome back

Weather can be a strange thing…it is seriously the dead of winter, but Colorado decided to have a 55 degree tropical heat wave last week. How can you not take advantage of that???

So, the fiance and I went for a hike in the foothills. Well, for him it was a light stroll and for me it was a hike…regardless, it was so good for my soul!


There is just something about “getting away” that just makes everything better. You can see Denver in this picture if you *squint*


Now that I am starting to feel my strength coming back after a season of adrenal fatigue resting, it felt really empowering to active again, even if it was in such a small way. It was so beautifully refreshing…I was thankful for the brief window of opportunity that presented itself in the middle of February.

And as I said “welcome back” to the spring-like weather, nature said “welcome back” to me…sun