The Word for 2016

image1Instead of having a long list of goals for the new year, I had a simple word that was the perfect fit for 2016.


“The state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberative effort,” says

Typically, at the start of every year, I have a list of tasks that I would like to accomplish. Last year was a dismal failure. I wanted to read the entire Bible, I wanted to stay more connected with my friends, I wanted to exercise more, I wanted to bake more, write more, be more social…the list for self improvement was just exhausting…which is probably why all those good intentions went south around February.

This year, I am taking the pressure off and filtering my choices with the question, “is this moving me towards wellness?”

It is not a concrete approach which terrifies my Type A personality. If it’s not a on a list, how will it happen!?

But, truthfully, this is probably the gentler and kinder practice that my soul needs for me to undertake. The deliberate effort will come as I make the small and subtle choices every day to move towards wellness.

I’m already seeing good things happen…but I’ll save that story for next time…


One thought on “The Word for 2016

  1. Perfect way of keeping type A people from loosing it because they are overwhelmed with the “list”. Thank you for sharing, even at my age I have been doing the same thing with same results. I had changed my pattern some years ago, but then think because I am more mature I can handle more, ha, ha, ha!

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