Dreaming, a lost art

photo-7I don’t dream like I used to.

Somewhere in my 30’s I started living my life in a box confined to daily routines…where the biggest dream I have is about my next two week vacation.

But there is something really life giving, inspiring, and fulfilling about dreaming. What if God calls me to do more than just my daily routine? What if there is more to dreaming than a two week vacation? What does “what if” really look like?

And I kind of get lost at that point. It’s been so long since I dreamed. I’ve had goals…I’ve finished college, got a job, got a masters, got married. Truthfully, I’ve lived my life on a very linear scale and hit a lot of milestones along the way. But what if there is more?

What does “what if” even look like?

It is time for me to dream again. It is time for me to step outside of this linear life and understand that living simply doesn’t mean living small. It is time for me to start imaging what “what if” looks like.

Ready. Set. Go!

Oh, and if I’m asking myself  “is this realistic” then I’m not dreaming!


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