Silliness and Sorrow

photo-4The best part about being stuck in traffic is all the people watching. In the Volkswagen behind me, a college aged girl was belting out a song and then got her boyfriend to sing along with her. At one point, she whipped her blonde hair back and forth and he hit the fuzzy dice like a drum set. She snapped pictures of their shenanigans with her iPad, both of them with carefree smiles.

Kind of a traffic hazard at times, but their silliness made me smile.

It was a mournful smile though. I can’t remember the last time I was that carefree.

I suddenly realized how serious I had become. Grief and sorrow will do that to you. Its a season of life where things are intense all the time…and experiencing joy is less about how much you laugh and more about how much you choose to be thankful.

The Volkswagen started to change lanes. I didn’t want them to leave my rearview mirror. I wanted to remember what it felt like to be that carefree.

They peeled off to parts unknown. I drove on. Tearing up…praying…

I know that sorrow forges depth. But may this season have it’s moments of silliness too.


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