Showing Up

showing up“…meditate within you heart on your bed, and be still. Selah.” Psalm 4:4b

I am horribly inconsistent when it comes to having a devotional time. I like my morning routine of coffee and Facebook.  I see it as my opportunity to check in with the world before my day gets started.

Not to mention that the term “devotional time” has always been a little loaded. If I wasn’t doing some kind of comprehensive study in Hebrews, I didn’t really feel like I was having a serious devotional time. Go big or go home, right?

But recently, I realized that I don’t have to emulate Beth Moore every time I spend time with God. And truthfully, comprehensive studies have their place, but what I needed was something small to get me through the day…like scriptural manna. I just needed to find one verse that I could go back to during the day when work was a challenge or life felt unmanageable.

So, with absolute hesitation, I committed to starting off my mornings with God instead of Facebook. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out…I mean, I’m barely awake at 5 am…how meaningful could this possibly be?

Every morning for the past 31 days, I have shown up with blurry eyes and a steaming cup of coffee. There have been some mornings when I kind of stare at the verses on the page until I realize that my eyes aren’t focusing. There are some mornings when I’m distracted by how cold my room is. There are some mornings when I wish I could have slept for another 30 minutes.

But, I showed up. And God showed up too.

It isn’t glamorous, but it has been so life giving. God knows what we need to get through the day. Sometimes it’s a broader Bible study with a notebook and the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance…and sometimes it is one verse in Psalms that you find early in the morning and meditate on during the day.

He will give you what you need…all you have to do is show up.


One thought on “Showing Up

  1. Love this, M! I am so there with my own routine and you’re as always an inspiration…my daily battle with fb vs God is something I need to work on. XOXO.

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